Favorite Fashion Blogs

I'm completely addicted to blogs. They're the best form of entertainment and inspiration on slow days at work or lazy weekend afternoons. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know how to cook or get dressed if it wasn't for blogs.

Ivory Lane: If you are a reader of Rachel Parcell’s Pink Peonies blog, you will love Ivory Lane, her sister Emily’s creation. Emily’s style is a little more mature and sophisticated, and her hair is ridiculous. Love it.

Bows and Sequins:  Lots of layered looks for this smiley blogger.  I happen to randomly own a lot of the items she wears, so it’s an inspiration for me to check out cool new ways to style old items. 

Classy Girls Wear Pearls: So this isn’t my first choice for actual fashion inspiration- it’s far too preppy, even for me.  But I’m always blown away by the quality and creativity of the posts. They really capture that New England aesthetic. It's hard to believe it’s done by a girl and her boyfriend, not a team of Ralph Lauren stylists.

Styled Avenue:  I like this Utah based blogger’s edgy take on trends.  Lots of black, leather, and badass shoes, plus the occasional fitness outfit and makeup post.

9 to 5 Chic: You may recognize blogger Anh from her work styling and modeling in Ann Taylor’s fall line last year.  I’m obsessed with her seriously glamorous, decidedly adult style. 

Share your favorite fashion blogs!

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