Fashion Friday: Signature Style

I saw this post about building a wardrobe of signature pieces over on A Dose of Pretty, and it got me thinking about my own signature pieces.

It’s important to have your own signature look. I think that’s the difference between style and plain old fashion. As I get older, I know more about what I like and what looks good on me.  I don’t recklessly jump into every trend (I probably avoid trends more than I participate in), and I find that I’m spending smarter. I know what will languish in my closet, unloved, and what I will wear over and over again. Today, I’m sharing my must-haves, the things I have now been wearing unrelentingly for years:   

The Jackie Cardigan
I live in cardigans.  The obsession started freshman year of high school, and continues today.

 I find J. Crew’s Jackie to be indispensible.  It’s classic, ¾ sleeved, the perfect length, comes in tons of colors, and holds up well through the wash. I’ve also recently discovered the J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan, which is basically the Jackie at a lower price point.  (Though you can frequently find the Jackie for at least 20% off!).

I always find outfits look better layered, and the Jackie is the perfect, elegant finish to almost anything.

Statement Necklaces
I wear a different statement necklace to work every day. I have a collection of J. Crew beauties that add a little individuality to a pencil skirt and button down combo.  

Frye Boots

I also can’t live without my Frye boots. They are super comfortable, great quality, and the perfect shade of brown. I’ve had to have them resoled and shined up, but they’ve lasted a number of years and they look amazing with every pair of jeans I own. I can’t remember exactly which style they are, but you can’t go wrong with anything Frye makes.

Any friends who read my blog will laugh at this next item, but I bought this Banana Republic dress four years ago and it’s my best purchase ever. I have worn the crap out of this dress. It’s taken me through bachelorette parties, nice dinners out, Atlantic City trips, engagements, family events, and my honeymoon, as in the picture above. It never goes wrong and always looks classy.

Michael Kors Sunglasses

These Michael Kors sunglasses are the best.  I left my original pair on the plane to Hawaii, and the first thing I did when I landed and had Internet access was order a replacement.   

What are your can’t-live-without items? Share below!


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