Dining Rooms

Mr. B and I started 2014 by feverishly house hunting.  Though we saw lots of great options, we ultimately put it on hold for a few months, as we felt not quite ready to pull the trigger.

But that hasn’t stopped me from obsessively mentally decorating our future home- when we get there, I want to be ready!  I’m particularly excited at the idea of one day having a dining room. Right now, our counter doubles as a bar, and when guests are over, I pull out a folding table.  It’s fun, but crowded. The idea of an entire permanent space devoted to entertaining seems awesome.

Besides, I’m a novice at decorating, and a dining room seems like an easy first project to tackle. There’s not that much furniture and what you need is pretty straightforward: table, chairs, lighting fixture, place to store your china.

I know I want a very traditional, formal dining room, and very “done” looking walls- patterned wallpaper or a decisive color, and some molding.  Here’s my current inspiration for my way off in the future home:

I'm really into the colors in this dining room- they feel fresh and light, yet are grounded by that rich, classic wood table. Definitely some real inspiration here. 

I'm thinking this is the perfect blank canvas- beautiful windows, natural light, tray ceiling, elegant molding, and beautiful floors. How much can you mess up decorating when you start like this?
I love, love, love this traditional, almost colonial scene here. I love a round (or square!) table, and I'm obsessed with the transferware pitcher. 

I love this wallpaper with this molding. It's so finished looking. These were some of my wedding colors, so maybe I'm biased there. 

Finally, I like the idea of a hutch- great for displaying more transferware to match that pitcher!

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