New Year's Resolutions

I’m kind of obsessed with New Year’s resolutions.  I love anything that gives you a fresh slate and focuses on self-improvement- Lent, the beginning of a school year, etc.  Last year, I committed myself to worry less and I actually did get a little better, though I'm still light years behind the average person.

Here’s this year’s laundry list:

Eat better: Original, I know. I eat fairly healthy, but I would like to cut back on the carbs and cheese, and spend less time (and money!) in the Trader Joe’s candy aisle.  

Get serious about buying a house:  This is a biggie, one to tackle slowly over the year. Hubs and I aren’t even sure where we want to live- if we want to put down stronger roots in our current spot, or if it’s time to move to the suburbs. And if so, what suburb? There are lots of options, so it’s very open-ended right now, but we’re going to try to figure it out. 

I think. I’m getting anxiety just writing that sentence. 

Get out of comfort zone: I am a person that, if allowed to, will easily box myself into the smallest life I can find. I instinctively avoid anything unfamiliar or out of my usual routines, and it makes for a lot of negativity.  I want to try to do anything that feels uncomfortable, whether it’s taking the plunge on new projects at work, sharing my blog with people (gulp), or being more open minded socially. Really, I just need to get out of my prickly scheduled habits. 

Quiet time: To quote Hannah, a favorite blogger, “I want to stop focusing on the mess in my head.”  It’s been suggested to me before, something I always ignored, to sit literally still for five minutes every day, to think of nothing and do nothing and just sit. That’s torture for me; I fill my time an endless swarm of self-imposed to-do’s, designed by my subconscious to avoid the scary stillness. At least for January, I’m committing to a meditation of sorts, five quiet minutes before God every day. 

I also want to get into wearing lipstick more.  All of a sudden I feel like it looks so much better than gloss.

What are your resolutions?

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