Patterned Powder Rooms

My cousin Pamela lives in a big old historic house in Summit, NJ. It’s got lots of period-appropriate touches, but my favorite is her downstairs bathroom. It's tiny, but covered in this rich red wallpaper patterned with gold flowers. All the fixtures are gold too, and probably vintage, as is the big mirror. And the whole room is framed in creamy white molding. 
It works because of the scale of the room. The deep color and bold paper design would be overwhelming in a large room, but in a small bathroom you don’t spend much time in, it’s wonderfully dramatic.
This deep blue is a slightly more modern interpretation of Pamela’s bathroom, with similar molding. I love the contrast that the dark brown vanity provides.

Graphic black and white is great- minus that intensely 90’s black toilet seat cover! This could make a great bachelor or bachelorette pad bathroom, depending on how you accessorized.

I have  harbored an obsession with this bathroom for awhile now. I love this almost-neon wallpaper, especially contrasted with the mother-of-pearl tiles. Bright, beautiful, and feminine.

If you’re a little faint of heart, neutral patterned wallpaper boxed in by white paneling might be the way to go. I love the sharp way the mirror stands out. 
If you’re interested in getting the look at home, Quadrille, Layla Grace, and Scalamandre are great sources for unique and beautiful prints.

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