Asbury Park

This polar vortex weather has me dreaming of summer on the Jersey shore, especially in my beloved Asbury Park. The hubs and I grew up around there, and I worked in nearby Fort Monmouth until it closed, so the area holds lots of meaning for us. We aren't really old enough to have seen its decline and general disrepair, but we appreciate its current renewal anyway.

So today I'm looking longingly at some Asbury pics we've taken over time, and hoping for an early spring!

Below is the boardwalk with the new boards installed after Sandy repairs:

Love this shot:

Stella Marina was a favorite date night spot when we lived around here, as was Watermark (not pictured) for its pineapple infused rum. 

McLoone's, originally  Howard Johnson's. Glad they didn't change the building.

The Stone Pony always brings me right back to high school when my husband (only a friend at the time!) and his band would drag our crew to their shows. I'd stand in the back and sing all the words while simultaneously trying to avoid the guitarist's creepy dad.

Iconic Wonder Bar:

We love to eat at Porta, an awesome, Williamsburg-y type pizza place with a great outdoor area and bar at night. The pizza is amazing. I love the 14 1/2, a spicy pie with soppressata, and the Lars and the Real Girl, a white pie loaded with taleggio and mozzarella. The drink selection is great too, with a well-chosen craft beer list and delicious cocktails.

This picture was taken in early spring last year. Look how gorgeously empty (and blue!) everythign is. I really love the beach without  people.

The town of Asbury has lots of great spots too. We sometimes hit up Brickwall, for its great beer selection (or, in my case, pickleback shots):

And my husband loves the gelato at Casa di Dolce:

Sigh. Can't wait for summer on the shore.

*All pics taken by my husband Brad.

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