It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

In my apartment, at least.  

Last night, we had some friends over for our second annual tree decorating party.  This is what I love about where we currently live. My friends and I grew up in central NJ, went to separate colleges, got jobs in New York City, and then all moved there. Okay, or Brooklyn, or Hoboken, but basically, the same area.

So now I have a nice little set up where our some of our closest friends live within four blocks of our apartment, and it’s easy to get together whenever we want.  I know that this situation won’t go on forever; people will get married and have kids. Or realize we’re all getting the worst value for our money and wise up and move elsewhere. 

But for now, we get to enjoy after work hangouts and celebrations whenever we want.  Last night we ordered pizza, drank peppermint mojitos, and decked out my apartment for Christmas:

I had found a pretty red plaid ribbon to use as garland, so we went with a red and gold tree theme this year.  It doesn’t quite match our blue Hanukkah gifts, and I’m really trying to let go of my inner perfectionist and not be bothered by that. Last year we had a nice burlap and kraft paper theme going on, which all coordinated beautifully:

I tend to prefer themed trees over a conglomeration of mismatched ornaments, but already we’re developing a collection of ornaments that pull at my heartstrings a little:


There’s the dreidel I bought last year for Mr. B to recognize his Jewish heritage, a collection of milestone ornaments given to us for our engagement and wedding, a piece of cake Mr. B got me to symbolize my holiday baking obsession, and of course, a Michigan ornament.  As an alumni, the hubs is obsessed with all things U of M.

We also decked out the bar, my favorite spot in our apartment, and put a wreath over our fireplace.

I love how festive everything looks! Share links to your decorations!

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