Thanksgiving Timeline

Now that I've shared my menu and recipes for Thanksgiving, I'll share what really helps me host it successfully: my timeline. It's borderline obsessive, but it allows me to know exactly what needs to get done, at what time, and makes hosting a lot more relaxing.  

I list out each dish that I'm making, and then detail what where I'm cooking and preparing each item in, and what I'm serving them in. That way I don't get the cooking started and realize I've planned to use my one baking dish for two separate sides! Plus, since I only have one oven, making a detailed schedule helps to ensure I'm not overloading it.

My schedule also indicates what can be done the day ahead, morning of, etc, breaking down my party into a super manageable list of tasks.

A copy of my schedule is below, clearly it's written out for the recipes I used, but feel free to copy the formatting, etc, if you are Type A like me and think this may help!

How do you prep for big parties? Are you a detail nut like me or do you wing it?

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