Menu Card DIY

My personal favorite wedding DIY was the menus I created. They were really simple to execute, and came out looking extremely elegant. 

Pic by Spark Photography

I used Microsoft Publisher to create the menus. I started with a standard 8.5 x 11 page, and split it into two columns. 

I copied and pasted our monograms off the PDF of our invite proofs and placed that at the top. 

The text was all written in separate text boxes so that I could center it appropriately, and then I just copied and pasted from one column over to another. Very simple. I liked this because it allowed me to print two per page, which saved me about $80.

I had them printed on Opal Stardream cardstock from Cards and Pockets, like all my other DIYs.

Then, we had to cut down the middle of each page to separate them. I think Cards and Pockets would have done this, but I was being a little cheap and opted to cut them myself. 

I then used a corner rounder to round the corners, and then swiped the edges through a gold stamp pad.

Below, you can see how much that little edging added to the menus. (It also matched the gold edges on our invitation, though I cannot imagine a single person besides me would have realized that).


To make it easier, I ran stacks of about 20 menus at a time through the stamp pad. I had to do it twice to ensure everything got a bold enough gold color.

At the reception, we had these slipped into the fold in an ivory napkin. They looked beautiful; a DIY well worth the effort.

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